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Our founders started way back in 1995 towards achieving great things in textile industry. Under the leadership of Monisha Nanavati, over the years, Vertex Cotton has grown into a vertically integrated enterprise having manufacturing facilities, trading connections and exporters trust.


Our manufacturing units always keep abreast with the latest technological developments and innovate to match the market trends in terms of quality and choice. Equipments and processes are either replaced or refurbished as and when necessary to cater to our customer’s requirements.

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Monisha Nanavati


Mohal Nanavati


Vertex Cotton is a green intitative to utilize used clothing and textile waste to once again make fiber which is re-used to make cloth. Thus preventing the dumping of such waste in landfills and saving precious water and earth. It is one of the few company with Global recycling standards.
Recycled Cotton Fiber
Surgical Cotton Wool
Cotton Yarn

We are the leading manufacturers of recycled cotton fibers. We have conducted the business in the ways to provide utter satisfaction to our customers, regardless of greatly fierce and competitive market. We embrace a very niche segment in the industry due to our immaculate track record of the quality and service. We have been a trendsetter in our field by providing the customers with the widest possibilities along with the finest quality.