Dedicated Green Initiative

To Sustain The Earth As We Inherited It

About Vertex Cotton


Hailing from a family of industrialists and reputed doctors Monisha grew up with the spirit of enterpreneurship and social service ingrained in her being. Her mother Pratiksha Narottam headed a lalbhai group textile mill which paved a way for Monishas entry in the manufacturing arena. A decade and a half long stint with textile and allied chemicals lead her to establish her own Manufacturing unit Vertex Cotton with environment as the prime concern.

What We Do ?

Vertex Cotton is a green initiative to utilize used clothing and textile waste to once again make cotton fiber which is re-used to make cloth. Thus preventing the dumping of such waste in landfills and saving precious water and earth. It is one of the few company with Global recycling standards.


Our Products

Recycled Cotton Fiber

We are the India’s leading manufacturer GRS (Global Recycled Standards) Pre Consumer/Post Consumer cotton fiber.Our quality fibers are widely accepted by open end yarn customers due to length of fibre, good mic and zero trash content. We purchase our raw material from direct factories and process them in our state-of-art automated production line to produce GRS fiber. Thus, the fibre is produced by recycling textile mill waste and used clothing, making us a environmental – friendly organization with Go Green motto.

Surgical Cotton Wool

This rolled, non-sterile surgical cotton wool can be cut as required, to be used in medical industry. The surgical cotton wool is prepared from 100% cotton and comes with or without paper interlayer.

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We are the prominent supplier of wide range of Open End Cotton Yarns available in various counts (Counts: Ne 20 to Ne 6). We also supply GRS (Global Recycle Standard) Standard Cotton Yarn.